KEF LS50 or Harbeth P3ESR for desktop system?


Spendor S3/5
SVS SB-1000 sub
McCormack modified Micro Power Drive
McCormack Micro Line Drive
HRT Music Streamer II DAC connected to the PC
AQ cabling

Speakers are 5' apart on the desk.  2' from back wall, no side walls within 6', vaulted ceiling.
Near field - I'm 5' away from them.

Piano jazz, movies on the PC, podcasts.  I don't try to break my ears.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the current setup, but, well, you know...

KEF LS50 (not wireless), or Harbeth P3ESR (maybe even Anniversary Edition)?

I prefer the KEFs to the P3s, the latter of which have a cooler tone without being any more detailed (that's speaking of the non-anniversary edition)

I find the Spendor house sound is a little more natural than either. 
As good as the LS50s are, this is a non question. 

The Harbeths are generally agreed to be an improvement upon the legendary LS3/5s. 

Having the Harbeths as part of a desktop system must count as one of life's luxuries. 
It's taken me most of my life, but I have finally come to grips with the idea that I deserve luxuries.  Thanks for pointing that out.
I have not heard Harbeths, but I have had a pair of LS50s for a few years and have used them in a similar setup on my desk. I agree that they will sound better on stands, but I still enjoyed them on my desk. The great thing about the LS50s is that they will fit whatever space you have (generally). I have used them as nearfield monitors on my desk and on stands in larger rooms and they perform well in either scenario.

I just came across a post on Reddit a few days ago with an impressive setup with a pair of LS50s and a small sub in a large room

I have also seen them in a setup much like what you’re describing and generally used with a pair of IsoAcoustics stands

I would think these show how versatile the LS50s can be.
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