KEF Reference 5 vs. B&W 802 D3 speakers - which one better? your knowledges & opinions

I'm considering buying KEF Reference 5 or B&W 802 D3 speakers. I currently have McIntosh MC2152 power amp and C70 for preamp. Which one of these set of speakers will give me the best sounds. Please share and enlightened me as much as possible.  No recommendation for other speakers.  Tell me which one is better sounding.  Much appreciated.
Glad you like them. I got the reference 5s a couple of years ago and also am very pleased, so no thoughts of replacing them.  I did have a guy come over and spend a day positioning the speakers and optimizing my system—expensive but glad I did it. I also had a dedicated 20 amp line installed and got Isotek Gaia footers for the KEFs.  All this was just before the pandemic hit-very good timing as I am spending countless hours enjoying the music. I got a new amp (Krell), Innuous Zenith 3 server, PS Audio Directstream DAC, Wireworld cables, Rega turntable so I’ve been busy. My preamp and phono stage (Audio Research LS22 and PH3) are about 25 years old, so I may replace them some day.  Right now, I’m just happy to relax and listen to beautiful music. 
@d2girls i have tried it with the MA9000 and its sounds very crystal clear and details.  Very responsive too.  However, with solid state the bass is harder than tubes.  I love the tube sounds, even though it’s lesser detail than solid stare but the sound lot warmer and bass is deep and soft.  


sounds like you have it optimally set up.  When i have money, i will try to swap out the mc2152 because this tube amp is a little weak for this speakers.  When i play heavy bass song and crank up the volumes the amp clips and shut down.  My amp is 150 watts.  I need a more powerful amp.  
Limited nice comments about 802 d3, kinda surprising. Stereo listening is superb with 802s, very articulate.  802 need a solid amp like McIntosh and a tube preamp.