Killer vintage 70's, 80's reel to reel to add to my setup.

Hey everyone. Looking to add a Killer vintage R2R from the 70’s, 80’s to my current analogue setup that includes the Luxman PD444 and Victor TT-101 tables. I like the looks of the 70’s, 80’s but want to hear what you suggest. I’ll tell you right now, I know nothing about R2R and look forward to everyone bringing me up to speed with the basics and deck suggestions. Budget is around $4500. Thanks! Brent


You can pick up a Teac A3300 for less than $1500.00 used and they sound great and built like a tank. 

Leaning toward Technics and Sony regarding cosmetic integration into my system and for being killers. RS1500 and TC-766-2 are the front runners.
@stereo5  Teac is nice!


Time to travel to Japan when covid allows. I don't see anything available online that tickles my fancy. My Luxman and Victor 101 are close to mint. 

@petg60 Technics and Sony decks in excellent cosmetic condition are rare and challenging to find correct? Might need to visit Japan as soon as possible to locate one.