Kilpsch KG4s or JBL L40s?

I'm looking to try some different speakers from my Technics SB-6060's. I like them a lot but feel like I should have more than one pair to play with. I have a smaller sized room for listening. Not tiny not big. I mostly play vinyl and use a Marantz 2252b a Pioneer pl-&1 and fairly soon a Kab Technics 1200 will be coming my way.

Two sets of speakers are available locally and I wonder which set may be a better match for vinyl through a Marantz in an average sized room? Any thoughts?

The Klipsch are $250 OBO
The JBL $175 OBO
The Vintage Marantz ( 70's ) are all warm ( like tubes ) and mate very well..My guess is the you Marantz is just as warm ( or more warm ) then many new tube amps of today..The Marantz 2252 will be fine for the KG'4's
I mentioned that the JBL 100's ( originals ) would also work well with the Marantz ( just as well as the KG4's ),because I owned both speakers and enjoyed them both very much...Stick with the KG4's and you 2252 Marantz..Live with it for awhile and learn....Take one step at a time........Feel free to e-mail if you wish....
I'm looking forward to potentially buying these and checking them out tonight. The owner thinks the speakers are from 84. I'll update later. Thanks for the info. This is a slippery slope but every inch you drop sounds better...
I picked up the Klipsch speakers. I didn't get a "deal" but so far I am pleased. I'll have to play with placement but I would describe them as sounding rather "Lush" with nice separation. Bass is good so far. I expected less tightness (not to say they are super tight but better than I expected). Vocals seem to be the best improvement so far but I've only had time to play a few things. The horns are not at all "harsh" or "bright" to my ears. Vinyl is sounding good. I'll have to some CD tests later. I like the way the look too. Simple and kinda smart looking. Look forward to many more hours of listening. After spending 25 years digging up records, it's about time I really get to actually sit back and enjoy them!
While I can't say I am done with placement my only complaint would be that the bass is a bit tricky to nail down. My ears would like it to be perhaps a bit more "clear" but I realize that my ears are not settled with these yet and my listening room is not too large, so I'll have to keep playing around with placement a bit.

I can say I just had my face nearly melted off listening to RAM... I heard some details I have never heard before. What a great LP.
I have some Kg4's....I like mine a lot. I also have some Klipsch Forte, and I like them even better.

In truth, like many long term audiophiles, I have to many sadly, I don't listen to some of them as much as I should.

I haven't listened to my kg4's in a while...I think I'll do that now.........thanks for the reminder.