linn espek or pmc gb1 with Audio Ref YBA

Been looking for more bass in my system without having to go to a sub. Tried the Ascend Acoustics Sierra tower and the Tekton Mini Lore - neither had enough punch and rhythm for me. My Tekton 6.5t monitors have that but I want some more lower end.

I just missed out on a great local deal on some linn cherry espeks. I have heard the AV5140 and liked them - most say the espeks are better and have seen multiple posts that they should be placed right around 12" from the front wall (perfect, see below). I found a pair of pmc gb1 north of me (somewhat local) for a good deal also.

Which one would you recommend? Both would be placed about 12" from front wall and about 7 feet apart. Rest of room and system details are in my system link.

If your current speakers have 2 sets of binding posts, I would try using 4 channels of your amp instead of 2. That may be all you need.
Does anyone have some linn espeks in cherry that they are thinking of selling in / near the Seattle area?