Looking for feedback on whether to buy Audeze LCDX or Mr Speakers EtherC

I'd appreciate all comments. I've heard the Audeze's...but no where around me has the Mr Speakers to hear. I'm going to have to find a pair...but was wondering if people who have heard both can weigh in. Thanks
I have the old ones...which is why I got the HPP1...maybe I should upgrade my DAP. I have my music on 3 iPod classics, one modified to hold 320 gigs.
Hey dne: we are clearly on the same path; I got the EtherC's and love them. I like what I'm hearing about the Mojo Chord...is it that much better than the HP P1? And what is the DAP you are using. If I'm using the Chord for DAC and amplification, it doesn't seem like I need a great DAP since it's just a transport? But I need something with lots of capacity, since I have 3 Terrabytes of music on my computer...and have been putting the greatest hits on three old iPods. Suggestions? Thanks.