Looking for Linear Power Supply for my Mytek Brooklyn DAC. Suggestions?

I am aware of the SBooster at 400 dollars. Any recommendations?
Teddy Pardo who does wonders with Naim stuff has a full line of LPS.
I am waiting for one for my Lumin U1 mini and I am sure he can suggest one for the Mytek.
Teddy Pardo on my NAIM server, awesome!

get all those switching wall warts isolated and off your dedicated audio power lines :-)
So far, I have tried Keces p8, Teddy Pardo, SotM, HD Plex and Sbooster. So far, the Farad3 by far is the best. Look for a good power cable.
  There is a switching wall wart ps from iFi ($50) that is reportedly blowing away linear supplies.  I have ordered a couple but waiting for lockdown here to end before delivery.

Some high end manufacturers (eg Soulution) offer switching power supplies instead of LPS built into their equipment...last time I checked that option costs 20k, per! The theory is that they always deliver full power - no caps to recharge for accurate sustained hi power delivery. 

The iFi is the first time a cheap hi end option is available.
The problem with switching power supplies is that they vary from extremely quiet (all Rowland and Benchmark products) to extremely noisy and cheap (computers).   Switching power supplies are line and load regulated, work over wide voltage range and are tolerant to DC.  Linear supplies in power amps are unregulated and can be noisy (they are also switching!).