Looking For New Component Sstand

I've upgraded every aspect of my system multiple times over the past 20 years except my almost 20 year old Target component stand. I've read great things about the Grand Prix products but they are out of my price range.

I had Skylan speaker stands and they are respected and priced well. Yes, they do make component stands/rack too. How are the Steve Blinn and Adona racks? I have Rogue, Minimax,Modded Music Hall,Audience,Lessloss,BPT,Tel Wire,Vandersteen gear. I'm a high value audiophile. Where do I find high value in a component stand?
i'm fond of core audio furniture mod3 racks. they're not cheap ($975 for a 3 shelf version), but the construction is solid and they are beautiful. arnold is a pleasure to deal with as well.
Gooddomino - sorry if I am jumping on your thread, but I too am in the market for a good stand as well. I have looked at the Core Audio Funiture and the Adona Racks - and I like the Core's because they would seem to be able to fit into a nice living room set-up but question their sonic characteristics along with their isolation, weight load capacity abilities etc, the Adona's appear to be a good choice for the isolation, durabilty issues - yet are very industrial, utilitarian looking and really don't want that look in my living room / listening room.....same with the Steve Blum racks - I am currently using a rosewood Polycrystal set up right now with all of my equipment on HRS platforms - and needless to say -there is some weight there. I also also looking for more of a horizontal rack set up than vertical - as it supposed to help with the overall imaging if you don't have a rack in the middle of your setup -
I am currently in the process of reviewing a "Zircoina" rack from Audiav.com, which will be posted on Positive-feedback.com within the next month or so. First impressions are that it is very handsome (click "system" and see if you agree)and the change in sound is significant enough that I have had to re-dial-in my set up a bit...I am confident the sound is better, but I am still in evaluation and assessment stage, so more on that later.

So far, very nice...