Looking for recommendations for a phono preamp under $2k

I took my Thorens TD145 out of the closet, cleaned it changed belt and installed a new Ortofon Red.  I'm going to buy a phono preamp and would like some direction....$2k is the most I want to invest..Currently using a Schiit phono preamp.





I'm a huge fan of the Gold Note PH-10 do a quick search and you'll find at least a dozen reviews. It's extremely versatile and sounds wonderful IMHO. It had a price increase and now sells for 2k but I'm sure you can get a small discount. 😉 They just released a scaled down version called the PH-5 for 1k but I haven't heard it.

I suggest looking into the new offering from SOTA, the Pixy.  I know one of the designers and have one of the earlier prototypes.  We compared the Pixy to mine and could not tell a difference.  In my case it replaced a very popular tube based phono stage that is about ten times the price.  

I have been trying a few in the budget range and I read up on it and browsed the used market for weeks.

In your price range: Southerland and Manley are superb