Looking to upgrade from Paradigm Studio 60v5

I have to upgrade itch . Current set up Bryston BP20 , Bryston 4bsst2 , Paradigm Studio 60v5 and Pioneer 30xdp . Paradigm sound and customer service has me bias .Magnepan sound is amazing but I am curious about the bass . Revel F 203 price and sound makes me curious but the customer service makes me think again.. Finally Monitor Audio makes me smile but will they be around for the long haul .


What improvements are you looking for, what’s your budget, and are you looking for new or used?

Looking to upgrade to the next level speaker.Budget under 6k always looking used but only the following brands Magnepan, Paradigm ,Revel and Monitor Audio .

Monitor Audio IMO will be the closest to the Paradigms, maybe a little smoother. Revels sound great but are kinda dry sounding but very nice IME. Also Revels will be harder to drive I think but you have some good Bryston power so shouldn't be an issue. 6k could get you into any of these brands upper level speakers. Only ever had a short demo with the Maggies so no opinion on those. 

Monitor Audio PL200ii or Paradigm Persona 3F could be found used in your range.  

OP - Admittedly I have little recent experience with some of the speakers you mention, but my Monitor Audios make me smile as well. I am curious as to your quandary whether MA “…will be around for the long haul.”  Maybe you know something I don’t, but MA celebrated their 50th anniversary last year and are still (very) actively releasing new products. While I choose my Gold 200 floorstanders purely for the sound I also felt good that they seemed to be a very stable company. I’m including a link to their company timeline below. 

Monitor Audio Company Timeline

Good luck finding what you’re looking for. 


Magnepan just revived the 2.7i 3 way at $5995.00 a pair, and it uses the true ribbon tweeter as in the 3.7i, but with a smaller bass panel. Add a REL Classic 98 sub and you are next level, under budget. 

Own a pair of Monitor Audio Platinum 200 3G speakers. Their relatively small size works well in my listening room and they are attractive. The sound they produce is much larger than their size and that sound is truly high end audio.  I’m so pleased with what Monitor Audio has developed to satisfy my hunger for all genre's of music.  Hats off to their designers….

if you are partial to paradigm, may want to give the founder series a listen.. especially the largest floor stander. Pretty amazing speaker.