LSA 20 Statement Speakers

I may purchase a pair of LSA 20 Statement Speakers......
Using my Pass Labs 250.8 Amp, their XP-12 Preamp and XP-17 phono stage
I’m spinning a VPI Classic Turntable with a MIMC Soundsmith cartridge, will these Speakers create a memorable musical experience for years to come?
Esthetically, including their size, they 
work for me and my space.  I actually 
love their appearance. From what I’ve found, their products are created with experienced and knowledgeable guidance. 
My first attempt at an Audiogon post,
I appreciate your input. 


and something else weird happened, once I commented on these speakers,  someone from Underwood Hifi contacted me, asked for my email and phone number. He said he would follow up with me. The he emailed me and said he wanted me to be satisfied and then disappeared. Never called, no more emails. So maybe my experience is very unique.

Be very careful with previous owners' opinions on the LSA 10/20 speakers. Examples before 5/20 refer to the older LSA models, owned by a different company. The current production are excellent speakers. I had KEF LS50 and while I liked their detail and smoothness, I felt that the lower mids/upper bass lacked authority (I use a sub). I knew that bass response was a strength for the LSA 10, so I took a chance and bought the 10 Statements. Glad I did. The beryllium tweeter, once it breaks in, is revealing without being aggressive sounding. Upper bass is solid-these speakers belie their size-- partly due to the passive radiator that covers much of the back of the speaker. Walter Leaderman has an internet direct model and the prices are really good for what you get.  I believe he used the Joseph Audio Pearl as the model for what they were trying to achieve soundwise with the Statement 10s.

When reviewers are buying the speakers, that says A LOT.  As a reviewer I wouldn’t buy a review sample unless it literally blew me away.  It’s the highest praise a reviewer can give, but, that’s not to say the reviewer’s tastes and system match with yours.  It’s always a personal decision.  But, I think it’s pretty safe to say these new LSA speakers are surely worth a serious look.  FWIW.