Luxman L-590AX


Can someone please explain how this AMP sounds? I have never heard it, but some people says this amp has an analog and warm tube sound. Is this correct?
Is this amp great if I play many bad recordings and hard rock music? Many amps are too clinical, harsh, "hifi-correct" to my taste.

If anyone have heard L-590AX compared to f.example McIntosh MA7000 or MA8000, I would be glad to hear the difference in the sound. Is the sound very different?

I am a litte cunfused here...
Some says this amp sounds warm, other says it's not warm in the sound. So I think it must depend on speakers...
My question is if anyone who has this amp can try to tune the treble control down if the record is harsh, does it soften up/fade away all the harshness??
I am not one to tinker with the tone controls as I don't have the patients for it. That said, I enjoy my setup on all recordings, even the bad ones, if it is good music, I enjoy it; hence owning it for 5 years now.
Sounds good! Is L-590AX much better than many other amps on bad recordings? What about the bass? Is it powerful and punchy?
The 590 is a very even keeled amp, meaning not tipped either way. There is plenty of power, I have no issues with lack of bottom end. That said, you can always find other products that do one thing or the other better. It is too broad of a statement to say it is "much better than many other amps on bad recordings". The only thing I can say is that in my system, I have no issues enjoying all my music, whether the recording is good or not so good.
Does the 590AX generate much heat? I would assume a fair amout, being that it's Class A.  Any comments on the phono section? I would be driving Harbeth P3's.