Maggies and subwoofer integration

I'm running a Schiit Saga+ into a B@K EX 422 Sonata, into MG-1 maggies. Wanted to add a subwoofer, and was wondering if by just using the second output on the Saga+ to the line level input of the Velodyne Sub I have, would just be adding bass heft to the MG-1's, as there's no built in crossover in the Saga+?

I would optimally want the Sub to takeover from around 60HZ, and aleviate the bass duties of the maggies.

Would it be a waste of time and no real benefit? Would running the signal from the B@K directly to the subwoofer be any different regarding the delineation of the frequency duties?

Thanks in advance for your help. 


I'm using cheap used Sony subs with Maggie 3.7i as that's all the budget I had left. I've found that a setting of about 50 Hz works well and keeping the sub volume low to avoid bloat works fantastic. Even my musician friend are surprised at how well they integrate.

And yes you do need a sub with Maggie's.

Sounds good Johnto. Kind of similar to my approach and the experiment I'll be undertaking. 50-60HZ and low volume to begin with. Take it from there. I'm definitely not a bass-head and want this room to be the classic, acoustic, Jazz room vs my other room with  harder music. But came upon a great deal for this Subwoofer, and said to myself that it can't hurt to try it with speakers like maggies. 

@margaretha I agree with you on not using subs with Maggie's,  but just with the larger panels.  I've owned 2.5R's all the way up 20.1's.  With the right amps, (2) never felt i was Bass deprived. For music listening,  IMO,  there is no better bass than a large panel Maggie. With all that said,  you will need a sub for the smaller panels.

@johnto if you're using cheap subs with your Maggie's,  what are you using to power them?