Magico Mini II vs. Magico V2 comparison


I am looking for new speakers for my system.

After auditioning many famous brands I found the Magico V2 to be simply outstanding in my system. This is the best speaker I have tried in my own listening room. The second speaker I was comparably impressed were old Guarneri Hommages. Other speakers I have tried did not impressed me or simply played bad.

The room is 20’ long and 13’ width. The amplifier is 60W Jadis JA-80.

For my room I prefer monitor speakers than floorstanding. Doeas anybody compared directly side by side Magico V2 and Magico Mini II? I am especially interested in bass preformane. Is Mini II has less bass than V2 it will not suits my taste. The bass of the V2 is just enough for my room.

If somebody compared new Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento with Magico Mini II I will be also grateful for opinion.
Hmm,well in this case you are correct Audiofeil,but why be so literal?.....Of course,there could be a hidden agenda...Hmm!

Back to the MINI,and my simple get back to topic(partly).

These are truly GREAT speakers!!I'm assuming a buyer is going to put them in a "proper" room.One that is of a size that allows for good "room loading".Mid size and maybe a touch larger,and the "sub" question should not be a factor at all,IMO.

I've heard these speakers do deep/linear bass in a mid size-ish room and with superb impact/dynamics.

When you consider the aesthetic element,and build quality,they rae an amazing design.

I've come to appreciate these new age two way designs.There are a few around(not only the Mini).

When driven well,they simply are NOT there,and are amazingly coherent.This all started(for me)when I first heard the Kharma 3.2's(I think that is the numerical name...but it was the fabulous two way)driven by the Lamm 2.1 amps.

Big designs,though they have their place,just began to look like fossils after exposure to a great two way,like the MINI!!

I did hear the V-2 for a short while,but I guess it's plain Jane look affected my sensibilities.I thought them to be very nice,but also felt the MINI was more coherent....and....

the MINI "does" deep enough and powerful enough bass to not worry me at all.

Still,I am always looking for the "next" Mini type design,at a more affordable price...ya never know-:)

Btw,I'm willing to bet the Clayton M-200's would be an amazing amp on "any" Magico!

In SS amps,it seems that every six months there is some new,rediculously expensive amp that gets a rave review,and suddenly "that" becomes the "it" product for a while.

The Clayton stuff is very well priced,and it's designer is a flat out genius in "circuit" design.

Just my opinions.Nothing more.
Why is it that some audiophiles rush to display their ignorance to the entire world so willingly. Dave_b, do you go on Ferrari forums and try to talk the crowd to drive your 1989 Nissan? DO you really think that " squeezing a piano thru box drivers" has anything to do with speaker size? What a moron. But yet, you have an opinion. Go listen to your $400 CD player and be happy. No one here, on this post, is interested in your "homey" set up. You are making a fool of yourself. But that is most likely inevitable. Sorry for the outburst, just a bit annoyed by losers that wants to make a stand for mediocrity. Somehow it always go back to money. If they can't afford it, it must be junk. How pity. Anyone with input on the V2
Why does every Magico thread end in a distaster. The brand seems to really polarize people. Dhaan, there are many legit reasons to criticize Dave_B, but putting him down because his system is not expensive enough is hitting 'below-the-belt'.

Magico has really pushed the envelope on speaker pricing, and perhaps that is where the animosity arises. I have pricey equipment, but I can see the value in everything I purchase. I personally do not see the value in Magico, but others may not see the value in what I purchase.

Another silly assertion is that people with some money can just throw their money around indiscriminately. Most people with money work very hard for that money, they spend alot of time researching their purchases, and alot of thought in purchasing things that are worthwhile. I believe alot of people with money are work-aholics, and take little pleasure in things outside of work. If you think there are all of these billionaires who are in their office, smoking cigars and practicing their putts, trying to decide whether to buy another house, boat, plane, or audio system, then you have been reading too much of the New York Times Op-Ed page.
Maybe you missed my trip down memory lane when I mentioned my ARC referemce setup or the krell Evo rig or any of the other numerous 6 figure setups I've owned. You can call my dealers if you like or maybe my bank account? The older I get the less tolerant I am of overpriced, overhyped audio gear. Perhaps if you were aware of audio's rise and decline over the past 2 decades you would understand a little bit better. Some of the most learned members of the audio community own planars i.e.Maggies and understand fully the squeeze effect I mentioned. People like George Cardas for example, owns maggies. Many of the audio industry people I have dealt with own maggies...they can afford anything, but they choose Magneplanars. Why? Because they sound like music and not like what YOU think music should sound like. Anyway, in the end I sold the million dollar estate, got rid of the Land Rover, cashed in my last foray into mega systems and bought some music making equipment that happened to cost a whole lot less...and it sounds better:O)