Magico's M9

I know everyone is sick of hearing about this, but $750K for a pair of speakers? I suppose I'd have to upgrade my flea watt amp too.


I’m with you Mike I’d love to hear the M9’s as well. Hopefully at some point I will. I own the Magico Q7 II and bought them used on this site. The speakers have brought  my listening and enjoyment of music up to a much higher level. I just can’t imagine what the M9’s would do. My Magico’s may not be as pretty as some of the other  speakers I have had but boy do they sound good. I don’t think I could ever rationalize buying the M9’s but I hope someday Magico comes out with speakers in between mine and the M9’s. Then just maybe…….

People can debate “pretty” (some people think SF are pretty, I think they look like a fancy coffin). The Magico beauty is first and foremost in its built quality and materials. It is second to none. Just like a Leica or Porsche.


@deep_333   AND  !!! Your point being, I for one have definitely seen worse looking speakers and I am sad I have not heard the M9s . 

@mikelavigne , i heard it at hayward. I've owned a couple of the older Magicos. After a certain price point, many speaker brands converge to a threshold for resolution, detail, slam, visceral bass impact, imaging, etc, whatever...But, Magico has never been my type of speaker, it has always had a clinical sound typical of what is produced by an engineering base that doesn't understand music. The nature of these forums is that doofuses already have a pre-emptive standing ovation in place when they see a high enough price tag (Otherwise known as 'market positioning' by manufacturers, which absolves them of all their speaker's shortcomings because doofuses are unable to be truthful to what they perceive anymore when they see that price tag..)

On the same note, all speakers at any price point have their pros and cons. After a cetain price point, many speakers are "carried" by the electronics tied to it instead. Atkinson has always been right about that. Put some overengineered Gryphon piece in front of anything, and it gets so overwhelming (the drool's dripping down in bucket loads) that the dudes with their pre-emptive standing ovations can't even think anymore.




You call people who are taken in by percieved value of these speakers doofuses, and then you say that Majicos have always sounded clinical, and yet you say that you have owned a couple of pairs in the past. How do you explain that?