Magnepan needs your help

Magnepan needs your help.

Are you willing to publicly give your feedback of Magnepan’s proposed new speaker concept? Below are the cities and dates of select cities for the first tour to hear public opinions. Instead of filling out focus group forms or giving information to Magnepan’s representatives at the demonstration, Magnepan is encouraging public debate. (Negative feedback can be just as valuable as positive feedback.)

If you are interested in hearing this speaker concept, it is critical that your dealer have your contact information. Winter storms could cause a delay of the tour.

Chicago-- Quintessence Audio, Wednesday, December 11th
Toronto-- Audio Excellence, Saturday, December 14th
Pittsburgh-- Butch’s Sound and Vision, Monday, December 16th
Northern New Jersey (Verona)-- Audio Connection, Wednesday, December 18th

- Wendell Diller, Magnepan
Interesting. We’ve been building and selling line source dipole speakers with outboard open baffle woofer modules for almost two years. The woofer modules each have two 10” dynamic drivers. The system is DSP controlled. The woofer modules can be placed anywhere around the towers with alignment dialed in by DSP. Our DSP system can be accessed from a remote location through the internet so we can help our customers from virtually anywhere providing they have an internet connection. 
That's a great idea. But how do you know what to do without measurements? Or are you just helping them with the automated process?
The core of the DSP unit is basically a computer so we can log on to control the processor and view the events. The processor comes with a four point microphone. Once the speaker system is installed and all the cables are connected the DSP unit is turned on and connectivity is established. We can then setup all the crossover functions. The next step is to perform speaker optimization which includes amplifier level matching which allows using almost any amplifiers. In my personal system I use 2A3 tube Monoblocks for the towers and a pair of our 1KW hybrid Monoblocks to drive the woofer modules. The system can be listened to like that or the room correction optimizer can be run. At that point there are multiple ways to tweak the system. Throughout the process the user can watch, learn and ask questions via phone. It’s actually an easy process.
I have a condo in Carlsbad, Calif and would love to host Wendell and ten or so avid listeners, chat w Bruce at Stereo Unlimited the local dealer, fun.... vino and smoked salmon on me :-)