Main Audiogon site barely works?

Has anyone else noticed over the past couple of days that the main Audiogon sales site seems to be on life support? It takes at least 20-30 seconds to load, and any changes in listing etc may or may not happen before the website times out. This didn't seem to be the case on Thursday but since yesterday the site has been barely useable. I'm wondering if it's just me or if there's a real server issue? 
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I have also had issues connecting to the main site, especially when using the Firefox browser.
I thought yesterday that it might be just a Firefox issue, switched to Chrome and had the same problem
I sent a message through the "Help" tab on the main site, will wait to see if I get any response. Thanks for corroborating this everyone.
it’s not just you that is experiencing the slow load times of this site......happening for me also.

i was going to send a message to audiogon about this, but every time i point out issues of this site, i am told that i am the only person that notices these things and they aren’t going to fix it.  i am also told that they are planning / working on some HUGE upgrade...... and i have heard this line for the last 2 years.....and nothing has improved.

audiogon.......what excuse are you going to use now for the slow load times ????
There was a banner up briefly yesterday that talked about loading some new program or updating software or some such, and apologizing for any effects it might have on "user experience", but that soon went away and the extreme loading times have continued.