Marshall Tucker Band-Anyone else get them?

Listening to music this really hit me.

To me... they are an absolutely amazing fusion band... Jazz/Rock/Country/Western... the volume and variety of instrumentation they meld together (without sounding the least bit gimmicky) is mind blowing. They use Horns/Keyboards/Pianos/Guitars etc....and, as you may know, even the flute, to great effect.

I definitely would not classify them in the ..."one of best bands nobody's ever heard of"...because, I think everyone has heard of them (i.e. Heard it in a Love Song)...but, I think they are one of the most misunderstood and under-appreciated bands ever. Unfortunately, I think people make assumptions about them and dig no further... (a tragic case of judging a book by the cover).

Most probably write them off as simply another southern-rock band ...but they are so much more than that...First of all the (main) vocalist Doug Gray...the guy actually Sings...yes, SINGS. (Ironically he is not the vocalist in Heard it in a Love Song!). Toy Caldwell (guitarist), Wow! - Although I'm not a musician...the guitar work sounds amazing (especially the jazz themes). And...if you like jam bands...they have that more than covered too (the album versions of the hits give them the songs the breathing room they deserve)

Bottom Line: In my opinion, they are a music lover's dream.

Just for the record...I listen to everything from The Flamingos to Scarface...mostly alternative this is definitely not a niche thing for me... Actually, I don't have very much "Southern Rock" in my collection at all.
I love them.............I first saw them in concert at the old Syracuse War Memorial in Spring 1975, and I've been hooked ever since. My favorite LP is the live double album, "Where We All Belong," with great versions of Ramblin', Take the Highway, This Old Cowboy, etc. They really came on big under the guidance of Dicky Betts and the "post-Duane" Allman Brothers Band, and, unfortunatley came to an early end after the tragic deaths of the Caldwells.
Great band. I played my version of greatest hits recently, and the sound quality was pretty bad. I also have Where we all belong. Great album, I will have to toss this record on again to check out the sound quality. My system has changed a bit since I last played it. Both mine are domestic pressings on Capricorn.