Martin Logan CLS vs. ReQuest

Looking for opinions to help inform a decision.

I presently own an excellent condition set of ReQuests (2nd gen, with the newer binding posts) but came across a pair of CLS with what look to be the II-series panels - the ones with the spars spaced, as opposed to being all connected - which I understand to be the newer style.

Hoping to get some feedback from you guys on whether you thought it might be worth 'flipping' out of the ReQuests in favor of the CLS, or if I'd do better to stick with what I have.

Thanks in advance!

Heh... well, if you think the Krell preamp is the weak link, you should know it replaced a Mac C28, so I'm still way ahead of the game.  :-)
You should be able to get louder db levels from the Request's for hard hitting music.
But if you like to listen at moderate levels and to middle of the road, chamber or orchestral music the the CSL's would be less coloured and more truthful to the source also more agile, but not so hard hitting in the bass.

Cheers George   
Had every incarnation of CLSes and subs over the course of 15 years, and enjoyed them immensely. They are as others have indicated, highly revelatory, especially with small scale music. I have never encountered a better speaker system for reproducing stringed instruments, especially acoustic guitar. They are fragile, however, and struggle in reproducing complex music with large dynamic swings, even when supported by the best subwoofers. Consequently, the Requests are, in my opinion, the more versatile, and perhaps the more satisfying speaker for reproducing a broader range of music. BTW: If you can swing the cost, or can find a great deal, the most recent M-L hybrids may be the best speakers they have ever made, and display none of the weaknesses of the CLS, or the earlier hybrids, such as the Request.
Thanks for the feedback, folks.

I’ve decided to stick with what I’ve got now. There was a set of CLS 1’s up for grabs at $900, but the frames were in dodgy condition and the owner couldn’t find the panel serial numbers, which raised a red flag. Even under the best case scenario, I’d be looking at $1000-ish to rebuild the panels which would bring the total cost to something that would - from the sounds of things - not bring enough of an improvement over the ReQuests to make the spend worthwhile.

I appreciate everyone’s help. Thanks!