Martin Logan vs. Everything

I have a pair of Martin Logan 13a. to me they sound incredible. The thing is I also like to spend time at hi-fi shops , whether they be brick and mortar or or online and it seems like those dealers think the Martin Logan are the weak Link in my system…


I’ve listened to Speakers twice and even three times the price and they don’t sound any better to me but I do have my room treated and everything is tuned just in my liking. my personal opinion is that Martin Logan has spent years perfecting what they do with the electrostatic speaker, and that it’s just not financially feasible for some of these smaller companies to try and do the same so they have traditional box speakers, which are great, but to me not as great as the Martin Logan .


so how wrong am I ? Fight me. 


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I've owned ML speakers and loved them.  My sole complaint would be the extremely limited seating to get the full stereo sound stage.   Move six inches off centre and the sound was compromised.  Now running a pair of SoundLab panels.  They give me the sound I love and are not at all fussy about where you are seated. 

Did you expect the dealer to say "Yes your speakers are wonderful - I have nothing to sell you!"?

I have the lowly ML ESLs and whenever I walk into a store all the other speakers sound boxy and have less image and soundstage quality.  In 7 years I have not found another speaker that could replace mine.  And, by the way, I heard Revels at a store in New Jersey and the salesman asked what I thought of them and I said I liked mine better.  He asked what I had and I said Martin Logan.  He replied "Ahhh...'nuff said".

Sounds like you landed in your sweet spot. I had a pair of 13a’s  in my one system and a pair of 15a’s in my other listening room with matching ML Force 212 subs. I liked them so much I even had the Illusion C34a center channel on both systems.   I loved this for about 4 years; however,  when listening to 2 channel my ears got fatigued to the point I couldn’t listen to them anymore during listening sessions.   So, I ended up going in another direction. Just goes to show how crazy this “music” stuff really is.  Continue to enjoy you ML’s. 

ML and any open baffle/dipole/planar speaker are a different animal.   Not better or worse, just different.   Some people love them, others don’t.    It’s your ears, don’t let other’s opinions influence yours, particularly if they are biased against open baffle/dipole/planar speakers.