Martin Logan vs. Everything

I have a pair of Martin Logan 13a. to me they sound incredible. The thing is I also like to spend time at hi-fi shops , whether they be brick and mortar or or online and it seems like those dealers think the Martin Logan are the weak Link in my system…


I’ve listened to Speakers twice and even three times the price and they don’t sound any better to me but I do have my room treated and everything is tuned just in my liking. my personal opinion is that Martin Logan has spent years perfecting what they do with the electrostatic speaker, and that it’s just not financially feasible for some of these smaller companies to try and do the same so they have traditional box speakers, which are great, but to me not as great as the Martin Logan .


so how wrong am I ? Fight me. 



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"I love Maggies, I dislike MLs."

This type of response is why I hate forums sometimes.

Why is their opinion so important to them, that they need to dump on someone else's joy?


"Martin Logan versus Everything"

yah....that doesn't invite comparisons at all. 

If you think that's "dumping" on anyone, you really need to grow a pair.

First, I would say that your subjective opinion on what speakers make you happy is ALL that is important.

Second, any hi-fi salesperson is going to find what they think is the weak link (in your system or your mental armor) and exploit that for a sale, albeit that doesn't mean you shouldn't ever at least consider their input;

Third, if you have any concerns about whether a different speaker could be an upgrade, borrow them and listen. Any salesperson who comments on a weak link should be willing to lend them out.

My $.02, I had a pair of cheaper MLs and I didn't really like them, but the room placement was totally sub-optimal.  I didn't give them much of a shot before I moved on.  

I will also say that a big Magnepan like the 3 series, especially with added woofers, isn't that short on bass.  It won't necessarily push your hair back but it also has a beautiful character totally distinct from cone/box.

I am currently running a pair of Expression 13a and a pair of Aerial 10t in my music room. Previously I had a pair of Logan Summit X and Magnepan 3.7i. The Magnepans were great but I felt the Logans were just a bit better. I then sold those and stepped up to the 13a that has way better bass control and room correction. I listen to the 10t when I’m moving around and doing things but for real listening it’s the Logans. My only complaint is the small sweet spot but a nice Bourbon and a comfortable chair solves that. If you are happy with them that is all that matters, after all it’s you that has to be pleased.

I have the Maggie’s 3.7i and love them. 
I’ve auditioned ML’s at Magnolia several times and they sound overly bright to me. Magnolia occasionally has sales on MLs at substantial discounts. 

From my experience and many others I have spoken with Magnolia is a terrible place to audition speakers. Their rooms are very badly set up.