Matching amp to modulus 3B and vanderstein 2ce

Looking for the best matching amplifier to Audible Illusions Modulus 3B, vanderstein 2CE, cambridge Audio Azur 840C, Rega Planar 3. Any suggestions to any or all of the above. Currently running Sonic Fronteirs SFS 80 and sounds real good, but looking to upgrade. Chose system to reproduce live music. Play the guitar and mandolin and good midrange is really important. Highs must not be fatigueing (not harsh), and bass true and not booming. Just upgraded from a modulus 3 to the 3B and there is a bid difference accross the board, really liked the 3 but the 3B has better bass, better mids and highs.
Any quality tube amp. When I had the Vandy 2ce and Audible 3a I used a Cary V12.
((((I was using Vandersteen 2ce signatures at the time.)))

Stereo5... Bob Are you sure you were using 2CE Sigs?
all of your posts say you had the over 20 year old design 2CE...
Cheers Johnnyr
I have the 2ce's. Got the 840c after my old CD combo broke and really have just been listening and enjoying the music. Budget is probably up to 2500.