Matching fully balanced with unbalanced.

Hi, using Fully Balanced VS Unbalanced Preamp between Fully Balanced Source and Unbalanced Amp with all XLR Interconnections including amp.... Does it wort it or not ?
BTW, that opamp chops a full audio sign-wave into a negative and a positive,
Huh?? No it doesn't. An opamp has two inputs, inverted and non-inverted, and otherwise is a DC coupled amp with very high gain. for audio purposes, to control the gain and allow the opamp to operate in a linear fashion (otherwise the output tends to spend a lot of time at one rail or the other), feedback is applied. The resulting gain is thus then the ratio between the input resistor in series with the inverting input and the value of the feedback resistor. It does not chop the signal or anything like that- the output is single-ended, and in phase with the '+' input and out of phase with the '-' input.
Tnx, atmasphere...full and argumentative explanation. 
 I knew the topic isn’t easy... but consensus should be reachable:) ... However, Physics is not Psychic. :)
.i just try to understand if it beneficial to go balanced as far as I can in the system chain if I have unbalanced amp at the end anyway.
The answer to this bit is 'yes.'