Mcintosh C15 - Your Impressions and Matching Power Amp

Dear All


I would very much appreciate your advise. I have been looking for C15 reviews but I could not find much on the net, so hope to get your opinions here.

I have been offered an irresistible deal for a Mcintosh vintage C15 preamp in very good condition and recently serviced. I understand the amp has smooth delivery, a good grip on bass and pretty detailed with the usual Mcintosh house holographic or tube like sound from the few reviews I have read that were available. I intend to replace my current Schiit Freya preamp with the C15.

Being new to Mcintosh, I hope those who know about this C15 amp or own it could give your impressions of its sound quality which would be helpful. Always wanted to own one hearing so much about various models of Mcintosh amps.

I am also looking at a matching power amp and would appreciate suggestions. Currently I own a class D - XTZ A2 300, 150 watt per channel power amp. Would this be a good match with the C15? Or should I be looking at something else. My speakers are Klipsch RP 6000f which are not really bright as most might think. More clean sounding.

I welcome your thoughts.



I purchased my current one in 2012. Prior to that I had a C48 for awhile, and prior to that a C15 also. In my opinion, the C15 sounded as good as the C48, so I went back to my current C15. I have had no issues with any of these pre's. I did change out the lights last year, not because I needed to, but I changed the lights on my MC7200 and thought I might as well do the C15 at the same time. It is very easy to change the lights out; all you need is a flat blade screwdriver. I also had purchased led's for the C15 but they didn't fit quite right, so I stayed with the originals.

You can probably stack the amp on top of the C15, but I personally never do that. The C15 doesn't get hot at all, it is slightly warm to the touch. Like I said previously, if you buy it and aren't happy with it, you can sell it easily. In fact, should you want to sell it, contact me first.


Correction on my previous post, the led's that didn't fit right were for the MC7200, not the C15. 


Looks like this pre is able to last well. And glad for you it did. Yes MCs do have a good resale value. The one I am purchasing (C15) already has recently installed led lights. So that part is taken care of. However, I don't reside in the US so selling it to you if I do decide to sell in future, is gonna be a tad bit difficult 😀

Seems like the C15 is a good buy. Now as you know  am considering the 7100 amp to match . Only thing is my class D power amp that I have is also pretty good. Never had an AB power amp before.  So I guess I would need to take a plunge and try to see which  serves better, 7100 or my current amp,  with a  dent in the wallet  🙄