McIntosh MA252 or Pathos Classic One mkIII

Interested in upgrading my Jolida integrated amp. My initial search finds me
attacked to both the McIntosh ma252 and the Pathos Classic One mkIII.
Looking for recommendations and thoughts on these two options.
Thanks in advance.

I have been using a  Pathos Classic One MKIII for about 10 years now and have found no reason to change, great amp.
Yes sir, I bought it used and emailed the company with the serial number and it was made in December of 2006. I had a MKII for a short time and found the current one and bought it. The original Classic One was made in 1998. Also, if you change your system or room and need more power there is a switch on the bottom to turn it into a mono block. Just get another amp and both can be controlled by one remote.
I would lean toward the McIntosh.  Personal preference though.  I think that Mc is more musical and engaging.