McIntosh MC275 V jumper cables/ wires for parallel use

Hello Everyone,

I'm going to utilizing two McIntosh MC275s in parallel mode to drive a set of Vandersteen Quatros.  I wanted to know what MC275 owners are using/ have used as their jumper wire/ cables with setting up the amps in a parallel application along with their experiences with doing so.  Is choosing a higher quality jumper wire/ cable important or is this an area where it's not as important?  If possible, what jumpers should I consider/ look into?

Any experiences or tips with running a set of MC275s in parallel is also welcome.

Thank you.


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Help me understand your term parallel. Are you talking about bridging each MC275 amplifier for mono use?
From what I understand of setting these amps as single-channel amp, McIntosh calls this "Parallel" versus that of "Bridged".  I read somewhere there's a difference between the two, but I cannot recall what that difference is.  So yes, I would like to run these MC275s as monos (one MC275 for the right-channel, & another MC275 for the left-channel).  When running these in parallel, the amp does still "see" the speakers OHMS at half.  So the 16ohm tap on the amp is needed for a set of 8ohms speakers. 

Thank you for asking on this. 

Got it, looks like a bridge circuit. I'm not a hybrid amp expert, so I'm going to stay out of it. Guessing that when you are using output transformers, that may be called parallel. Good luck!
The Older Macs can be in series or paralleled. Look at the schematic for a 240 or 275. A pair of MC30 or 60 same thing.. You can stack the old  Macs..

Bridged is in series. Usually 8 ohms is the lowest you want to go.

Paralleled a Mac will do 2 ohms. RUNS HOT but it will push 2 ohms in parallel. SQ wise, YUK!! you need to be at least 6-8 ohms to help it out.

Mac has a sound, stacked or in parallel they do sound different.. Parallel is better in MOST cases.. Distortion goes up .5 to 1-2%. You'll hear 2% if your speakers are revealing at ALL. Usually high E speakers.. 90+

The weird thing is you might like the 2% distortion.. Just a tube thing..
I like it just a tad cleaner. .5 is plenty at 1-10khz