Memories........What made you catch the Audio Bug?

I remember back in high school, my ''industrial arts'' teacher was an avid audiophile and music lover. We are going back to '73 now. I remember one day being very different from any other. Upon entering class for our usual 40 minutes of the usual wood-cutting and bird-cage building routine,(some of us were luckier, getting ,'design' classes instead) we found our teacher,Ed, busy at setting up an LP on a Thorens turntable. Alongside, some strange, industrial-looking brown and orange boxes (QUAD) and a cloth-wrapped box with the initals B&W on them. He informed us that, today, we would discover something new, ''high-Fidelity'' as he called it.

We all sat in awe as our teacher put the SGT Peppers Lonely Hearts on full blast, to the amazement of everyone in the room. Wow! What was THAT? The equipment, the sound, the MUSIC was unlike anything most of us had ever seen or heard. I remember thinking to myself, now this is how the Beatles really sound like? I just could not beleive it.

I remember that we had no quality music equipement in our home back then, as with most other kids.

It was just amazing. Word got around that 'something special was happening, in industrial art's class. Turned out the topic of the week was 'high-fidelity' discovery I guess, as every other class in turn got the same treatment all week long.

The Following year, our teacher somehow managed to get the school board to approve a special ''equipement'' expenditure, officially probably a vacuum system, or new circular saw, or band saw, whatever. The class built a special wooden closet complete with locks, to accept the new ''equipement''. When it finally arrived, holy smokes, a McIntosh amplifier and preamp, with Thorens turntable !

We ended up ''founding'' an audiophile club at school, and would have students spend their lunch hour seating in a closed room in complete darkness, listening to a complete album...against a 10 cent fee that we would keep to buy records !

If you are reading this ED, these 30 years old memories are as fresh in my mind as yesterday. Thank you so very much for sharing your passion with us, and opening our eyes to so many horizons, music being just one of them.

Just wondering how others in this forum got the audio bug also?
It's a multistage process. I'm an ex-musician, very interested in listening to music and used to go to 2-3x concerts per week. I spent about two decades listening to my mid-fi system, which I gradually improved in my 30s (Rotel/lower price B&W) then I told my wife in 2008 that I wanted new speakers and a poster on AA told me that Magnepan MMGs were an incredible value. At the time, spending $600 on speakers seemed irresponsible, but I did it anyway. The first few seconds of listening to those speakers are something I doubt I'll ever forget.

Another non-musical factor is that I'm a big-time NFL fan (of a certain New York franchise with two recent rings to their name) and the news about concussions has really disturbed me. It's caused me to shift my free-time focus to something that doesn't involve frequent injuries to participants.
It was my grandpa who got me interested. I idolized the man, and he had a very nice system for the day. A pair of Scott tube amps, a Scott stereo pre-amp, Amprex real to reel, duel arm stereo and mono turntable and Jensen speakers. He was always playing with wires and connectors.

He was also a musician with an organ with Leslie speakers, two handmade electric guitars, acoustical guitars, mandolin and a cello. He had a spectacular dedicated music room, about 30’x40’ with a vaulted ceiling and balcony. A grand fireplace centered the vault with speakers on each side of the fireplace.

I remember being so excited when I got my first system with Marantz amp, preamp and tuner (still have the tuner) Empire turntable and Jensen speakers. I had him come into my bedroom to hear my system I was so proud of. He listened for a couple seconds and said, “you have a 60 cycle hum” I was devastated, he was not impressed. I wish he could hear my system now, but he’d be 130 years old and was already hard of hearing when he died at 101.

I have some of his paintings from his music room in my music room. I think of him every time I listen.
My Dad was an audiophile in the early days... He built Heath,
Dynaco and EV equipment back in the fifties and sixties.
I didn't appreciate it until I went into the Air Force in '66
and then the bug bit hard. It's been a long road and I am very happy with my system now, but my Dad is 93 and quite deaf, can't hear it! But thanks Dad!
My dads system was my gateway drug. He purchased it from the px while stationed in Germany in the early 1970s - jbl century l100s and a Yamaha cr 800 amp. It wasn't completely hi fi, but it was much better than the average home system. I recall the power of the bass speaker shaking inaudibly during the intro to bob marleys coming in from the cold song, then the bass-drum riff. It was forward, clear and powerful, did surprisingly good on symphonic music as well. Wish he kept it, I treasure those memories.