Merlin Master Bam Alert

My buddy just received his dual mono dual ops bam.The first one sold.He has VSM MXE's.Thought you would like to see his reaction:"There is an uncanny sense of realism.
I was listening in the dark with my eyes closed.
The sense of being in a concert hall was so great that my brain created a seemingly real visual image of where it thought it was.
After the piece ended I just shut the system down. I did not want to take a chance of diminishing the impact of what I had just experienced.
Quite an accomplishment."
I will be receiving my single ended Master Bam shortly and will report my findings in more detail.
I did not try the Hibachi, though it was recommended that I do, as I was looking for an SS amp that I might throw into the mix. I did have the Fila and it is super with the Merlins, and proabably with other speakers that can be driven by 30 watts. If I were sane, I would proabably just have kept the Fila, sold off all my seperates and just enjoyed the music. Not that it was the best (I prefer the Atma combo), but a nice "simple" integrated that makes the Merlins sing is not a bad way to calm the audiophile compulsion and get off the equipment merry-go-round -- it is a great pairing; I think of it as a great end-game amp when you are done "playing".
Just to be clear as well, I certainly wasn't complaining about the wait at all, just having fun giving another Merlin owner a hard time telling him to wait his turn :-) I shoot Bobby an email every so often to follow-up but it's not a huge deal by any means.

I too wonder about solid state. I have a Fila and it's great. It's more that I'd like to try something a little cooler for the summer I suppose. I've mentioned Luxman before and would love to hear about that pairing. There is a recent review with Merlin and a class A Luxman integrated that was glowing, (the review not the amp), but I think that class A solid state wouldn't do much to provide a cool summer alternative. I guess one of the Luxman AB integrateds is what I'm most curious about.... Anyone?
Have had VSM-MM's since 04 with several SS amps but not the Luxman.I will try one hopefully but I can say I have never had a bad-sounding amp with these speakers.I have a feeling its going to be a good combo,cheers,B

Received my Master Bam about 3 weeks ago and have been breaking it in.Cold right out of the box it was a major improvement over the previous version.But after 3 weeks it's just unbelievable.This is a sophisticated sound.What I mean is that not only do you experience more detail texture and transparency but you do so in a way that makes it fall very easy on the ears.For example,violins have a silky relaxed true to life quality,that makes you just want to listen forever.There is additional texture and definition to every voice and instrument that gives you a sense of "you are there" realism on good recordings.Even ordinary recordings sound remarkable.Saving the best for last is the soundstage.Talk about width,this to me defines what people mean by expansive sound.The spread of sound across my room is uncanny as the speakers dissappear and the music extends way beyond the physical speakers.Absolutely wall to wall.The sense of depth and 3 dimensionality are the real magic that makes you get sucked into every recording.There's such a spooky sense of presence that it's hard to describe and with hi-res recordings the sound can actually wrap around you.You can luxuriate in this sound all day and never get fatigued.To me the Master Bam is a landmark product and is a must for all late model VSM owners.