Merlin vsm question

considering speaker upgrade,
currently running von R.vr3, like full sounding speakers,
for medium volume levels,85db
heard good things about Merlin, looking for a more refined sound than the VR3, but don't know witch of the merlins, will suit my needs I'm confused about the vsm,MM,and mxe, super Bam. that's the difference among them,my budget is about $4500 used, and is it really a step up from VR3 to merlin?
running joulet electra 150mk11 preamp and quick silver v4 mono amps,KCI i/c cables, cardas GR spkr cables.
also considering Proac response 3.8


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Don't know the VRs at all, but have owned VSMs for app 10yrs. Originally they were late manufacture SE, subsequently upgraded to "near current" status (incl. super BAM) app. 2 years ago. The biggest change is a (slight, but definitely noticeable) increase in energy below 100 or 150 hz. Overall balance is a bit warmer and fuller. IMHO, the new version will sound better than the SE to most folks - in all but the smallest rooms. I don't have enough experience with the intermediate iterations of the VSM to offer any opinion on those.

Good Luck

Juancgenao, the Merlins are easy to drive and will work fine with your Quicksilvers. They are very revealing and neutral and do not have an excessive footprint. We have a lot of very happy customers using them with our 60-watt amps- I would think you have no worries!
You can find mx's in your price range used and they sound excellent. They are efficient and an easy load. I use a berning 70 watts/channel in the Summer and joule vzn 100 (100 watts/channel) in the Winter and they have no problem driving the mx's.
Atmasphere, did not say it, and I have used my Merlins MXes with QSV4s and they are very fine amps indeed, but the Atma-sphere M-60s are the best I have heard with the Merlins, at least for my taste. Since you use the word refined, I have no doubt that is what you think you are getting when you make the move to Merlin. They are among these most well sorted speakers on the market, continuous refinement of a basic design. You will be surprised at the quality of bass from what is essentially a two-way mini-monitor on a very substantial sand filled stand. MM or MX? Could you tell the difference? I don't know - they are both excellent speakers.
Hi,really appreciate all your info, but a more direct question, I'm use to the full body sound of my VR3 it goes down to 25Hrz,. will I' be missing the almost full range sound?
or the difference wont' be too dramatic in that regard;
concerned about bass response more than anything, the rest, I'know the merlins will out perform theVR3 hands down:
cant' compare budget speakers with a reference sound quality: