MIT oracle v2.1 question.

Looking at this cable to go between my Sim Audio Moon phono preamp and Audio Research Ref.2 MKII preamp. I don't know anything about the MIT line, does the ultra wide, wide and EX pertain to just the speaker cables or to the IC's also? Does the version 2.1 IC's have a switchable impedance, if so what would I set it to going into my Audio Research preamp. Sorry for the noob questions but I've not looked into MIT till now.

Hi Mjglo,

I have MIT Oracle V2.1 interconnects in my system and I am using a pair between the phono stage and the preamp. The interconnect has an Adjustable Impedance System which is controlled by a sliding switch set to the following positions:

Low 5-50 KOhms
Mid 40-100 KOhms
High 90 KOhms and up

These positions can help you optimize the best setting between the two components. The IC switch is to be set to the input impedance of the component being connected to. In this case your preamp. A quick check on google of Audio Research archives listed the input impedance of the Ref.2 MkII preamp as 132 KOhms balanced or 66 KOhms SE (RCA).

So if using Balanced interconnects you would probably select the High position. If using RCA interconnects then Mid would probably be selected according to this MIT matching system.

Not sure about the Ultra Wide, Wide and EX designations. This might pertain only to the speaker cables. I do know that before the Adjustable Impedance System I had bought some MIT MI-330 Shotgun IC's and had to specify Low, Med or High when ordering.

Thank you very much, this clears up a lot of my questions.
I need a balanced cable, I might go with the V2.2 if I can find it.
I'm used to using cables like Tara 0.8, Nordost Valhalla and Synergistic Tesla Apex. I wonder how the MIT Oracle v2.2 sound is compered to these cables?

Thanks, I have a better understanding of the MIT line now. I want to do some rearranging so I need about a 4m length balanced cable.