ModWright PH 9.0 vs Manley Chinook MkII

I have been looking at upgrading my phono preamp and so far have narrowed it down to the ModWright PH 9.0 and the Manley Chinook MkII (4 gain settings).
I am curious to hear from people who have used these and how they would compare the two. Personally, I want a phono pre that is flexible. I am currently running a MM cart but plan to "one day" upgrade to a Lo MC. However, things never seem to go as plan so, in the event that changes, I don't want to limit my options based on my phono's capabilities.
(The only reason I excluded Herron from my list)
Secondly, I want the best tube phono preamp around this price point. I am curious if the Manley with the addition of a  SUT would out-produce the ModWright (i.e with the ModWright you're paying more for the transformer not because the preamp is better). 
As always, I appreciate the advice and experience from the people in here. Cheers!
Often I prefer the sound of a good SUT to a JFET MC stage (Herron VTPH-2A, Sonic Frontiers Phono 1 in use here) - but the pairing of cartridge-to-SUT can be even more specific than that of cartridge to phono stage. Going by online images, the Modwright unit uses the Lundahl LL9226 SUT’s - which are decent, but there are plenty of better ones.You can buy a pair of those same LL9226, finished in a box w/ RCAs, for $385 from K&K audio. However keep in mind you will need an extra pair of ICs - they need to be kept very short and very low capacitance, and you may still encounter noise issues that can be tricky to resolve. K&K also offers the more premium LL1931 SUT box for $650 assembled (and then the super-premium silver wire version for 1500 - honestly all these prices are a good deal). I prefer the Bob’s Devices Sky (CineMag) box over the LL1931 that are built into my VAC phono stage - but this is going to come down to personal preference. The Sky has a thicker tone, with more meat and impact; the LL1931 more crystalline and detailed. To be honest, if you like the LL1931's sound over the Sky, you might actually like the sound of a good JFET MC stage even better?

In other words, don’t pick the ModWright just because you want to try the SUT. They’re not even really premium SUTs, and I think you’ll be doing disservice to any MC cartridge 2K and up if you don’t try better ones. The Chinook with an LL1931 / Sky quality of SUT looks like it should very nice.
^Great comments on the built-in SUTs. I often wonder why people glaze over the quality and brand of the built-in SUTs. Many have the cheaper Lundahls or Jensens. Btw if you like "thicker sounding" SUTs my favorite are the EAR SUTs.

I also have a Music First Classic v2, very good but on that detailed and crystalline side of the SUT spectrum.  The differences between the EAR and Music First are interesting.

I am shopping for a new phono stage 2 and from past experience haven’t been a fan of Lundahls. Otherwise the PH150 would be at the top of my list.  I would prefer built-in SUTs but the options are slim.
Never heard the Manley, but can vouch for the Modwright 9.0, I have it to go along with a KWI200.  Great gear, feels just right, sounds great.  You get cartridge loading controls out front which is nice, sufficient gain too, though my Linn Krystal at 0.2mv could perhaps use a tad more. Jimmy, if you're anywhere near Seattle, you're welcome to stop by for a look/listen.  I suspect you are not, since you'd have mentioned MW being close (Amboy WA).
Big fan of Dan Wright's phono preamps, many other 'high end' phono pre's have come and gone over the years and I still own Modwright's SWP 9.0 SE and presently use a PH-150 and PH-9.0.
Hello, just picked up a ModWright SWP 9.0. Should be here Thursday. I see a lot of folks in forums rolling tubes out of the gate. I spoke with my dealer, he suggested staying put with the tubes it comes with. Was looking to use some Telefunken EC88s. Any thoughts?

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