MoFi controversy

I see this hasn't been mentioned here yet, so I thought I'd put this out here.  Let me just say that I haven't yet joined the analog world, so I don't have a dog in this fight.

It was recently revealed that Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs one step LPs are being cut from digital masters (DSD) rather than being straight analog throughout the chain.

Here is one of the many Youtube videos that discusses it


To me, it seems that if MOFI is guilty of anything, it's "deception by omission."  That is, they were never open about the process and the use of digital in the chain. 

One thing to mention is that hardly anyone is criticizing the sound quality of these LPs, even after this revelation.  Me personally, I wouldn't spend over one hundred dollars for any recording regardless of the format.



This makes me glad I have only ordered hybrid SACDs from Mobile Fidelity. I just got back into vinyl within the las year though. Acoustic Sounds has good vinyl.

The only thing that bothers me is the lie by omission. I prefer forthright behavior.

Lot of passion in the reactions.

Few observations of mine on my expeirence with the mofi I have (2000s):

*In every case when I have original LP, the original is far superior

*In every case, the mofi is much hotter than theoriginal

*In every case, compensating for EQ (bringing HF down about 4dB) yields a more balanced listening experience. From record to record the experience differs, some are better done than others, for example my MOFI Pink Floyd Wish you were here is quite enjoyable with the HF cut, but the ELP Tarkus is quite castrated, lacks all energy and you wonder how that music ever became popular.

*When you don't have a good condition original then having the mofi is MUCH better than not having anything.

*Sure, we can all enjoy digital recordings in digital format in high quality, but when you already have a high level vinyl rig (and you neglected your digital front end), then an LP with digital master will give you better results than a digital file with a mediocre digital front end.


I suspect the news will create / has already created a dent in the reputation. Yet, those who have been using their ears to actually LISTEN to the Mofi LPs - well, it was not a surprise to me.

Also, I'm not blaming nor shaming them, they need to work with the material available, there's no way around that. I'm sure they are getting the most out of the available sources. Kudos for the effort. (I would personally prefer a more fleshed out EQ than the one they prefer, but that's personal & most audiofiles seem to prefer the extra HF boost... we are getting what we demanded!)



My older, 80s and 90s, MoFi’s sure do not require treble attenuation. They’re excellent with no EQ, and though my ears are now ancient, they were not so old back when I first heard the LPs for the first time. But I have no rock and roll from that era and never would have invested in an "audiophile" rock and roll LP, owing to the contradiction in terms. Most of that stuff was recorded for 7-inch 45 rpm jukebox disc and sounds it. All I have are jazz LPs from that era, and they are still a treat to listen to. I do have one high end re-issue of Buddy Holly on Classic Records, I think. It’s a very high definition collection of several different low definition recordings, though I loved Buddy Holly.