MoFi lawsuit

 Anyone in on this ?  I sent in paperwork 4 weeks ago requesting refund. Haven't heard anything yet .Realize its going thru a law firm, just wondering what others experience has been so far.  TIA


@bigtwin whether or not I'm happy with my MoFi titles is irrelevant. MoFi was blatantly dishonest and misrepresented the product. I agree they should be punished.

Maybe that will change the industry for the better, such that other labels who won't disclose what they really mean when they say mastered from the original tapes, might take notice and admit – for example – they are using digital copies of the masters, etc. There really needs to be more transparency about what is really going on with these remasters. Kudos to those (MMJ, Tone Poet, Speakers Corner, et al.) who already do it right.


Here is one of the many videos made by my favorite new (to me) YouTube Vinyl Community LP lover, buyer, and collector. He is a perfect example of a well-informed LP consumer, and posts under his "Pressing Matters" moniker.



Were any of you unhappy with the sound of your MoFi product before you learned "the truth".

I wasn’t impressed with my Bob Dylan One Step - made it through half a side and put it away; never have listened again. Given the hype I was expecting to be blown away, and certainly wasn’t. Never been a fan of MoFi’s in general. At least it saved me money on buying any more.

Not taking part in this class-action suit; not worth my time. But it would be a nice gesture if the lawyers could forward some pics of their nice vacations and exotic sports cars from this windfall.