Montreal Show?

Any A'Gonners at the Salon Son et Image this weekend? Love to hear your impressions.
Sorry for any misunderstanding Rgd.

My comments are relevant to its' irrelevance.
Well, it wasn't a "yawner" but it was less well attended by manufacturers and distributors. This is not a surprise - the CES in Vegas this year was down hugely in attendance and exhibitors. It's just the way the Economy is going right now. Some of the best distributors were there.
In a consumer show like this one, the manufacturers and distributors can be represented by their retailers in the area - in this case, Montreal. Most of the good dealers had rooms, and even though their suppliers were not exhibiting there, they may have contributed to the cost of the room and sent a representative.
There were lots of people cramming into the rooms, as usual. Since the show was smaller, they had time to go back and visit their favourite rooms again.

you are the new "jeff macke" of audiogon--a grumpy gus.

why don't you lighten up and be more forgiving.

I don't understand all the trampling and dour comments either. Any high end show that results in a good time with like minded folks enjoying a meal or two and listening to music with a wide variety of playback systems should be supported.

The show might not be "relevant" to everyone here, or to retailers that use forums to hang out and drum up business, but it is highly relevant to the hobby and those that enjoy getting together and sharing an enjoyable experience involving sound and music.

There should be more high end shows like the one in Montreal, not less. It would be a shame to see Montreal or the Denver show go away as they are worthwhile as hobby events and get-togethers. Great sound and music shows are a lot more relevant than the usual P & M that passes for entertainment on chat forums.