Moon neo 240i with 330a?

I have the Moon neo 240i running with Dynaudio excite x34's.

the set up sounds fabulous, but is slightly underpowered at 50 watts.

I'm going to upgrade to either the moon 340i integrated (100 watts with DAC) or just add a moon 330a power amp and use the 240i as a pre/DAC (125 watts)

What are the benefits (in your mind) of one route over the other?

I have the Moon ACE and love it. Almost ended up getting the 240i, but wanted the MiND2 for streaming. 

If I were in your shoes, I'd get the 330A. Eventually trade-in the 240i towards the 390. Then eventually trade-in the 330A for two 400Ms or the 760A. 

I think going with the 330A would leave your more versatility to change things around in the long run. 

Yes indeed!  Just added a 330a about a week ago.  I was not prepared for the absolutely huge leap forward in sound quality.  I don’t listen super loud, but the music comes effortlessly now, with such texture and realism.  
Completely blown away!

thanks for responding. Solid plan.

Josh O.
Nice! Congrats!

I love Moon. I was certain I was going to stick with tube amps until I heard the ACE in my system.