More on did I do the right thing?

Yesterday I had both the cartridge and new stylus at home,  so I set about getting it set up.. After I got the cartridge mounted it became time to install the stylus. To my dunbshit surprise, it already had a brush assembly on it. I looked at it stupidly for a little while until I realized the old stylus was still there, I just had to remove it . A dumbshit groan escaped my lips. My My.

A few minutes ago, I finished the set up, and played a record I've only played once before, the  Little Freddy King on Newvelle Records. 

My God, it sounded like he was right here in my room! He wouldn't have been playing this loud, if was only him and his band unampified, it wouldn't have been this loud.

Best sounding cartridge I've ever owned! (That being the Shure V-15 Type 5 MR)

So, it turns out, in my mind anyway, I did do a right thing!


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That's all that matters! I lived happily with a V-15 VxMR for a few years, and I hope you'll do the same.