Morrow Audio re-design announcement: No more Ag coated Cu; Increased numbers of runs.

Just got a notice in my Email about this. Seems like the new design went into production in June. It does have me scratching my head a bit. I’m wondering if any Morrow Audio cable users (old or new design) have comments. The link will take you to the announcement that provides details on the new cable design including instructions for determining whether someone has received old or new design cables.

@stringreen  Good to know.

I have Morrow's Elite Ref, so I'm looking forward to getting their new 'tech' and 'design' in for comparison.
Mrdecibel.........Im sorry but your argument is based on lunacy. I take it then that everytime your smartphone gets upgraded by Apple or Samsung that you feel duped by the company for which you obviously choose through some leap of faith, that this would be a sound purchase. Is Apple or Audio Research not suppose to sell you what they have available now? The stuff in development is not ready for the retail shelf yet so you bought at the wrong time. This is like saying your mad at Ford because they came out with a totally redesigned car for 2018 and you bought the 2017 model :-( Do your research before you buy! Did you ever ask Mike Morrow a year ago "hey mike are you guys coming out with a new line or making major changes anytime soon?" ...Ill bet not! Dont blame Audio Research or Morrow for your lack of investigation.  And that goes for the rest of you in this thread that are so "surprised" that Morrow made a change.

Matt M
Get over yourselves......16 months ago I paid $360. for my MA5s with Eichmans ( about 40 % off ). I trade them in and buy the new ones, at 60 % off ( $240 ). I have now invested $600., which is full retail. Not interested ! Move on. I am a big boy and will do as I please. Talking about lunacy, comparing this to a car purchase or a motorcycle purchase is complete lunacy. Thank you, Enjoy ! MrD.
I've ordered my sp6 upgraded version and next will be ma6 and ph6 when their available.