Most achingly-beautiful music

Ultimately, we listen to music to be moved, for example, to be elated, exulted, calmed or pained. Which are the 3 most affecting pieces of music do you find the most affecting?
Poets and psychologists have pondered the question "why we respond to beauty with tears..." without arriving at a final solution, except to wonder if it is becuase it reminds us of the rest of the times in our lives, that are not filled with constant beauty and happiness... making the satisfying listening moments that much more precious.

Casssandra Wilson-Harvest Moon, Jane Siberry-Taxi Ride, Bill Evans-Peace Piece.
Ella Fitzgerald singing "I Loves You Porgy" on her 40th birthday concert recording

Stevie Wonder singing "You and I" on Innervisions

The Beatles "Something"

Luciano Pavarotti singing the aria "Nessum Dorma" from Turandot

World Saxophone Quartet peforming "Ming" on Revue

Joan Baez singing "All My Trials" on her first eponymous Vanguard LP

Cesaria Evora singing "Sodade" from Miss Perfumado

John Coltrane playing "Naima" from Giant Steps

Does this kind of list actually have an end?
Too many classical pieces to mention but in the rock world,"Soon","And you and I","Close to the Edge" from Yes,"Afterglow","Ripples" and "Your Own Special Way" from Genesis,and "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" from Pink Floyd aways get my emotions flowing.

Tiny Tim: Tip Toe Through The Tulips (LOL)

Miles davis, Wes Montgomery, Charlie Byrd, Santana

These guys could speak beatiful words through the playing of their individual instruments.