Multi Meter Tweak

Place a multimeter on your DAC or amplifier.Why is there a difference in the sound?Don't know, there just is.
In my case, I already got lots of tweaks at play, so MM Tweak not needed
There is an increase in mid and treble detail, though.
Way too much in my set up now.
I wonder what most people in this hobby use, a multi meter or their ears?  I don't even own a multi meter and if I did I don't even know how to use one.  Maybe I should run out and buy one.  I played with speaker placement and seem to have dialed things in pretty well especially after pulling my towers away from the walls.  They seemed to have created a better sound state.  Lots to learn.  Now all I need is more money and a wife that would allow me to spend more money.  I have a real estate agent send me listing of houses listed in my area and I have yet to see one listing with a pair of speaker in a room.  I even see entertainment furniture pieces costing well over $5,000 and they are listening to their TV speakers.  I have also yet to see a TV ad from a sound retailer to lure customers into their stores to explore a new platform of entertainment.  I feel sound is 70% of a movie experienc.  Then I hear retailers complain about how slow their business is.  I really don't know how they get their business and how they keep their doors open.  You would think they could get help from their manufactures to promote their business.  You have to spend money to make money.  You can start with very target direct mail then move up to tv advertising.  There is now very sophisticated data out there to tap this market.  Large big box stores like Best Buy certainly could afford to do this.  They certainly can't afford not to do this.  What if they got the manufacturers to share even 50% of the cost?  When is the last time you have gotten a direct mail piece in your mail box or seen a TV ad?
I wonder what most people in this hobby use, a multi meter or their ears?
Logical fallacy of the "false choice." I think most of those who use a meter also listen. One helps confirm the other.
I've got an auto-ranging multimeter which took ages to learn to use.

More or less essential as a continuity tester for fuses, cables, circuits etc.

You can pick them up for peanuts on Amazon.