My tube amp power supply is buzzing away Help

My tube amp - Mcalister Audio has an outboard power supply that buzzes quite loud. Not through the speakers, but the unit itself makes a buzzing noise I can hear 15 feet back - very obvious.

I have read there is some material you can buy to place under the transformer to help. The transformer does not seem well mounted - kind of lose. Can anyone tell me the name of the anti-vibration stuff and where to buy it. I think I am going to tweak it before calling the manu to replace.


Thanks Scompracer. My method is more crude and I my try yours. Funny thing is my bottom plate was also bent from shipping. I love the sound of this amp. Have you found tube rolling helps or changes the sound. The amp has very detailed highs and good sparkle and killer transparancy. Is that what you find?

Bass is very tight and fast. The mids are not as ripe as my past CJ MV60 amp and I did like that about the CJ. The PP150S beats the CJ in every other area of sound in my system. Great amp!
Scompracer, I did the mod the exact way you outlined and the results were fantastic. Wow! Most pleased. I am going to do the same thing for the transformer in my Powervar line conditioner as it also makes some noise.
Hi Grannyring,

I'm glad the fix worked out for you too. I had expressed my comments about Peter's amp in this thread and still feel the same way about it.
I am waiting for a custom tube pre amp from him and expect it to be shipped shortly.
2019, great thread. I will try this on an outboard power supply for my PreAmp.