NAD 7600 Turns on briefly, then shuts off

After a 110 power "interruption", and although the fuse is still fine, the 7600 turns on for a second, then off again. I'm assuming the built-in protection is kicking in.

Is this something obvious that I can fix myself? Any help is very much appreciated.
I had the same problem with an NAD 7400 integrated.

I sold it for parts. I've regretted it ever since. So if you can get it fixed for $200 or less, I say go for it. Even though new NAD stuff is very good, I think the old stuff was better and I miss features like the built-in phono stage.
I've got the same problem with my NAD 7600. It's possible to use it for hours. But once you shut it of it might not power up again. And if this happens it turns on for a split second, most led's lighten up and thut down immidiately. And then I wait about 12 to 20 hours with all wires connected, and the receiver works again when I press the green powerbutton.

I allready started solving bad connections by soldering, but no succes for now. Irishone, do you have the solution by now?
I'm having this same problem with a C375BEE. I turn on the units, all lights turn on and then it shuts off itself. All within .5sec. Any ideas what to do or if this is a common problem with NAD's? Thanks

Sorry for resurrecting this thread.