Nagra VPA versus Lamm ML1.1

Anybody had the chance to compare those two tube amp ?

Which amp is more natural ? more musical ?
Not to simply defend my choice of gear..... but, a re-tubed VPA does not sound like a stock VPA.

To anyone who runs tubes, that should come as no surprise, as each VPA has 4 tubes (input and driver internally, and two 845's on the top). Anyway, nothing against the Lamm's, they're obvioulsy first class, just adding that the Nagra can be sweetened and made more palpable with different tube sets......
Artg, I agree with you, rolling tubes definately lets you voice an amp/pre amp to your personnal preference, this is true on ALL tube eq. What is so stupid IMHO, is when reviewers receive tube eq. they use esoteric interconnects, speaker wire, and STOCK frikin tubes. Whas that all about? I just don't get it. Same with the folks here on the Gon. IMHO, you HAVE to voice each tube amp w/nos tubes to really see whatcha got. JMHO.
Steve, how you liking that Berning I sold you. Still got it? Hard to beat that bass, huh?
Artg, I preferred my Dodd 120's to the berning. These are solid state rectified, and have unbeatable bass for an EL34. The Bass was better than on my custom KT88's, which I just sold too. Berning is sold to a fellow Agoner. I definately look forward to these Lamms though.
Artg -> comparing stock vs stock, Nagra's rendition is several degrees cooler than Lamm's. But you are right - you can re-tube both to get a different sonic flavor. That is the beauty of tubes, isn't it?