Need a recommedation for a newer version Scott Joplin's Ragtime Music LP or CD

I need a few recommendations for a "newer version" of Scott Joplin's Ragtime Music. I had a copy on a Nonesuch label, played by Joshua Rifkin, but wore out the LP. I recently purchased a supposedly "new" copy of the same on e-bay that begins with two explosive pops and also  other pops and clicks on both sides.

Therefore, I will not  pursue that version again. I don't know if the original and first Nonesuch version was ever remastered in CD or LP, because the sound quality of the "original" Nonesuch recording I bought in 1974 was not stellar, but just acceptable

*****NOTE****: Let me also inquire if a remastered version in LP or CD of Weather Report's  "I Sing the Body Electric" with better sound was ever made available.  I just bought an LP copy off of Amazon that was rated as "Like-New"  I t sounds OK, but is somewhat noisy with a few pops and clicks. Side two is better, but the sound despite excellent dynamics, sounds tinny and remote.   Thank you


Where did you acquire them?? Also, how long ago?? 

Have you ever sampled one to evaluate the sound quality of the LP for  pops, clicks, and surface noise??.

 I assume you are  referring to the Nonesuch version with Joshua Rifkin at the keys.  I have had three copies of this "version", two supposedly used/mint,  and one sealed, and as noted they all sounded terrible and sucked

How much would you sell one of the originals your have??   Thanks, Jim 

OK, what would it cost to buy a new sealed copy including shipping to 90012. (Los Angeles)   Thank you

I checked store and all I have left is:
The condition is very strong wax.
Hopefully you'll chase the link before it gets cracked here.