Need advice on new TT

Hi all

I'm currently using a restored Garrarad 301 but looking to go for a modern TT. Budget is around 20k$
My short list so far is Brinkmann Balance, Kronos Sparta and AMG Viella. I'm looking only for a table to use with my current 2 arms - Reed 3p and Ortofon 309D.
Any thoughts you wanna share with me on this ?
Thanks in advance to all repliers.
Also a Thales TT and arm here for $11.5K. A demo from High End Zone in NM. That arm looks interesting!
I swore to myself a couple of years ago to try and stick with "non-boutique" companies with products with good reselling value. That's mainly in mechanics based equipment like turntables and arms where you will not find parts when the company is down.

I agree with your philosophy regarding boutique. My re-sell concern is there too - but only from my family's perspective.... when I can no longer be found.  

Have you considered Verdier? They have been in business a long time. Copied but never duplicated.

It's an "out of the typical audiophile box" play;  it's not plug and play, and comes with a learning curve. Like learning how to drive a Porsche 993. 

120 ? really ...

I see that as people age, they become more grumpy and mean. Complain more. Because of this, I can see my millennial fraternal twins putting out some kind of hit on me, long before 120. 8^0

The only wear items on my turntable is the silk string. Maybe an annual change if I feel like it. The motor is the size of mouse, I have a spare but I am sure Elon Musk will have some kind of alternative before it becomes an issue. As far as the natural repelling force of the magnets..... if they collapse on each other one day, this world, I think, will have bigger issues to worry about..  

Mike the Onkk shown at the New York show is the final production version

i’d pump the brakes a little and actually play it side by side with another better turntable before you get all carried away.

my understanding is that it’s not yet a completed product.

and btw, my understanding is also that it could be epic sounding on paper. so good for you if it works out. wishing you well with it.

i do think it’s style will be an issue for many in that tt price range. people will not buy it because they like the style, but in spite of the fact they don’t like it. so it has to sound very fine to be successful. maybe in person it might have some magic that photos don’t relate.

most buyers want elegant, not splashy.

if it is ready, hopefully you will find a way to have it at Axpona in April for people to actually hear.