Need advise regarding small bookshelf monitor

Looking for recommendations on a small bookshelf monitor that is no wider than 8 inches and no taller than 13 inches. They will fit in an entertainment center & be used primarily for classical listening. I ran across EPOS ELS-3's while searching -- I see these are highly regarded/recommended. Any other suggestions or feedback on the EPOS' would be appreciated.
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Check out the Eltax Monitor III,they have downward firing port,they are only sold in the states by AudioWaves for $299 in California they are very impressive with deep tight bass,and they are very extended on the topend.Also look into the Dana 630 from the: for $349 a pair they are very impressive,they dont have quite the bass power but are one of the best mini monitor's you can get for under $800 bucks with a very nice real wood veneer very very accurate with nice midrange bloom and dynamics,good luck!