Need feedback from Bryston amp owners

I'm thinking of buying the Bryston 3B SST amp. Does anyone have this amp or a comparable amp like the 4B SST? I heard they are strong in the low end (bass).
Keneallyfan: When it comes to pool cues, you adapt to the differences presented to you and make the best of them. That tells me that you have both skill and experience in that particular field. If such were not the case, you would not have been able to discern the subtle differences between presentations and you would be lacking the skill / experience to adapt accordingly.

Without being skilled and experienced, you wouldn't know that compensation was needed. Nor would you know how much compensation was needed or where, when and how to apply it. You've obviously developed skills, and my guess is that it has come over a period of time, primarily due to exposure and experience.

Audio really isn't all that different. Just like pool, there are some things that remain concrete, but most of it boils down to personal feel and proper implimentation of the tools and knowledge at hand. In that respect, nobody can teach you what feels "right" for you, you either know it or you don't.

There are obvious parallels between playing different tables in different environments to system requirements in different acoustics, and both require skill, experience and logic. Obviously, not everyone has the same level of skill, experience or logic, so some may achieve more consistent results than others. This is to be expected.

The bottom line is, one must enjoy what they are doing and the results that they achieve. Otherwise the "fun" factor disappears and we no longer enjoy what we are doing. I want to try and keep this "fun", so this is where i'll shut up. I hope that we can all enjoy ourselves at whatever we do. Otherwise, it's simply not "fun" : ) Sean
Bob's right. FYI If you run any Bryston at clipping, your already deaf. Strong, dead quiet, flat response, tells the truth on the input side or the output side. Low impedance issues? Bryston has answers for that i.e. 7B in low imp. mode. My 3B ST drove a shorted out speaker (that's 0 ohms) for 12 hours (I wasn't there to save it). The amp worked for another week (on different speakers) before it finally crapped out, then Bryston fixed it, without an appointment, in 4 hours, for free. Beat that. Only arc welders are tougher.
Tt509: That's called protection circuitry. Most commercially built amps have this to one degree or another. Many believe that it is this type of circuitry that audibly degrades the sonic potential of some otherwise very solidly engineered amps.

Outside of that, you can do much the same thing to a Crown, but the difference is, the Crown will probably keep working far longer than a week after the problem has been resolved. With all of that in mind, that doesn't mean that a Crown actually sounds good or that i want to use one for my home audio system.

As far as warranty service goes, Bryston is untouchable in that regards. I experienced much the same thing with them and can say nothing but good things about Dennis at their U.S. repair facility. Kudo's to both Bryston and Dennis for standing behind their product. Sean
I've had the H/K Sigature series 2.1 and the 1.5 and can't find another amp like it i think 5x100 is not enough for my infinity's 7.1 series 2 spakers any comments on this equipament.
It has fuses, it doesn't have protection circuitry like my mid-fi stuff. There is no click off, click on. You have to do something pretty bad to stop it from working. There are fuses at the back AND inside. Didn't know that until she blew and I'm not screwing up the warranty by opening it up. Do fuses degrade sound quailty like breakers?P.S. I'm a biased CDN.