Need help going from separates to receiver

I am moving to a country with 220v outlets. I am allowed very little lugguage with my transfer of residence status. One receiver looks less than 3 amplifiers and a processor.

I currently own an electrocompaniet setup. I need a receiver and my budget is about 3,500.00. I need the best there is out there. I have had no experience in receivers so far. Please help. I have about 30 days to make my purchase. It should also be 220v switchable.
Integra doesn't seem to make receivers. They only make processors
What's the rest of your system like? especially the speakers. What do you like about the electrocompaniet setup?

I'm happy with my Magnum Dynalab MD 208 playing through Thiel 3.6s. It's within your budget. Chip Stern reviewed it favorably in the Jan 2001 Stereophile. Suggest you audition one if possible. Good luck.
I would opt for McIntosh MHT100. Excellent with many speakers thanks to its very very conservative 80Wpc rating. It is highly flexible, has full preouts, comes in 220V version, and sounds incredible. New is $5k but you can find some demos perhaps close to your price limit. good luck! Arthur
Going from the electronics you've used to ANY receiver is going to be a big step down. Just so you know (I suspect you're aware of that). Anyway, The Magnum is a good recommendation - seems those folks up north do care about good sound. Less exotic brands that will provide good sound are:
Denon, B&K, Marantz. BTW, I'd hate to have to go to a receiver after having separates so long, but you got to do what you gots to do, I guess. Good luck in your new haunts.
Integra Research is Onkyo. Onkyo makes international switchable models of many of their better receivers. You may not know this because they make 110 volt only models for the North America market.

Why not wait and buy the gear after you move??
No one realizes how the free market forces and low import duties makes shopping in the US for electronics so cheap. In the country I am moving to, a basic onkyo receiever with ultra 2 is nearly $4000.00 compared to 1500.00 in the US