Need Help! My Class A Amp Is Running Very Hot

Hi, currently I own a Luxman 590 Class A 30watts Integrated. After the unit running for more than half an hour if I put my hands on the top of the cabinet over or around the vents  it is burning hot , I even feel the heat on the sides of the cabinet, other than that the amp sounds good. Can anyone tell me if that’s normal or I should get it check out?
Thank you  in advance for your advice.
My WA33 woo runs extremely hot to ... to the point where if I put my hand on the chassis it will burn my hand ...literally...  I bought a fan to cool it off so it runs warm all the time now....
I have a 100 watt per channel pure class A Threshold SA/4e. There are large heatsinks along both isides of the amplifier. The heavy front face of the amp, and the large rack handles, are also part of the heat sink system. After it's been working for a half hour or so, the heat sinks get up to about 114 degrees F. 
Different amps, different temps! I am using 2 mcintosh 2205s and noticed one running hotter on one channel of heat sink then all of the others. After a thermogun and amp meter, I reset the bias and found a dirty connection. Read true maintenance manual from manufacturers to get specs. If you are technically apt, do it yourself! If not, find reputable repair or service. 
I have four Class A amps. I run two of them bridged in one system and each one is over 100 pounds of radiating fury.  That system is not one I listen to frequently during a hot summer - they would drive you out of the room in a bit of time.  Great in winter, though.

I doubt that you have anything to be concerned about - that is just the way Class A normally works.
OP--for a definitive assessment on operating parameters by someone who is really going to steer you in the right direction whichever situation unfolds---Join Luxman vintage yahoo group. The moderator there Hans is invaluable for info on Luxman. He is an archivist and a wealth of knowledge on anything Luxman.
I had a vintage class A/AB Luxman once. It did not  get hot enough ---there is so called class A and then there is true CLASS A---which may all that is going on here and coupled with internal heat sinks most assuredly results in higher temp. Although I did not read enough to gather whether you bought this used .. As Correct bias is paramount. Contact Hans for his 2c. Actually not sure he is moderator but that doesn’t matter. He is based in Europe I think. One time ordered a manual from him if I recall correctly. Long time ago. Be sure though that you actually communicate with Hans himself.