Need Help on my ML 26

I was listening to my system when I realized that my left channel had more gain then my right. I traced the problem back to the preamp. Now I am stuck, I don't have a schematic so I can't troubleshoot it. I suspect that a transistor might be the culprit.
Is there anyone out there who had this happen to them or familiar with the topography of the mother board so you can provide me with some ideas where to probe? If you happen to have a schematic, could I get a copy of that schematic?
Any help that would make my 26 healthy again will be greatly appreciated.
I have a 26s and I maybe I can help you but first: Is this "problem" something that just happened (all was OK before?) or did you just notice it?


thanks Neil for responding so quickly.
the problem just happened. I suspect that a part is starting to fail since my right channel gain is less then my left but not completely gone.
This c-o-u-l-d be carbon deposits or trace deterioration on the pot's sweeper. Usually it's at a certain area on the sweeper. But this would happen slowly over time-- not suddenly.

OK, you don't have a schematic, but do you have an Owner's Manual?

I don't think the problem is in the volume potentiometer. It's sealed and of the highest quality. You might try gently rotating the two balance pots back and forth since you don't use them a lot, but they are also sealed. The possible 'switch' devices which MAY be dirty, in order of likelyhood are:
1. The preamp's global gain DIP switches (these are the tiny rocker switches inside the preamp near the front panel.) These should be rocked back and forth (on/off) to make sure they are making good contact (and then of course reset to their original configuration -- unless you want to increase/decrease the main output of your preamp.) There are other DIP's inside to check as well. depending on what kind of input options (phono, balanced) your preamp has.
2. The mono-stereo and the phase switches (you don't use these a lot, so they could be dirty -- gently switch them back and forth a few times)
3. The tape monitor 3 position switch -- gently rotate back and forth.
4. The source selector switch (not likely a problem since you use it all the time ;-)

Don't forget to check your interconnect fittings, and your main output CAMAC adaptors (if you're using single-ended RCA interconnects.)