Need Help Optimizing PC Audio

So currently my PC is hooked up in my living room to my Marantz Receiver via HDMI. I use my OLED tv as a pc monitor and television. I almost exclusively listen to music via MPC-HC on my pc. All of my files are FLAC. I'm wondering if I need to consider a DAC or something between the PC and the Marantz to get even better quality playback. I'm not really sure I totally understand how this would all work and I would love some advice. Thanks


@ghdprentice It’s a Marantz SR6013. I’m currently upgrading my towers/center to Focal Aria or Kantas most likely in the next few weeks. I’m also installing a power conditioner and a direct 20amp line for the amps. Is there a DAC that I can just go HDMI in and HDMI out or is that not a thing? Thanks for all the help.

Is the sound quality that bad?

I am doing the same thing except I have the Marantz 8805 and do HDMI from a custom built pc to the 8805. Then B & W  CDM7 SE fronts, 7.2 with 4 Atmos.

Is your pc or Marantz doing the rendering? If I use my 8805 the sound quality is a little better but not really worth it to me full time because I have Plex on the pc and also have all my cds ripped to flac.

And yes with optical you would lose Atmos, again I do the same thing I use my setup for movies and music. There are some things you can do for a pc like get a linear power supply to get rid of a lot of noise.

Like I said I think mine sounds pretty good for what the setup is, so until my job working on the corner starts to pay off or I hit the lotto I'm good. 

@flrun No I don't think the sound quality is bad at all. I'm just trying to make sure if there's an extra couple hundred I can spend on a DAC and it makes a difference that I do simple things like that. If there's no sensible option that will keep atmos then I'll just keep my current setup. I was just hoping for a simple fix, haha, which never appears to exist.

I came across this DAC. Any opinions? It has hdmi input and output. Would this make a significant difference instead of going straight from the PC to the Receiver?


@mattmiller Hey Matt just wanted to make sure you saw my responses since I forgot to tag you in the initial response. Thanks